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I might be done with buying comics weekly

Light spoilers a few paragraphs into this whining bitchfest. And sorry too lazy to include pictures.

I’ve been primarily a Marvel comics collector for over thirty years, kind of old compared to many of you but not so many I think. Comics have meant a great deal to me over my life like they have to many. They’ve given me windows to the world through the writer’s and artists. They have introduced me to scientific concepts, to vocabulary and turns of phrase that have shaped me far beyond what my neighborhood and schooling had. When I was 30 I was shocked and pleased to learn that the average reader was .... 30? I wasn’t alone! I wasn’t refusing to grow up. I had a wife, children and I still collected comics. I even immersed my daughter in our shared love of Peter Parker and others.


I’m pretty easy to please I think. I don’t read everything in comic book form. I like super heroes. I really like superhero art; anatomical accuracy, fit and muscular as appropriate, clean lines, effective caricature, bold but natural colors. Increasingly I can see I am not the growth demographic for Marvel whose fan base seem to be going nuts over whoever is drawing Squirrel Girl and Silk. That isn’t super hero art, I declare. It’s the intro art for the Marvel age introductory comics. At least that’s my opinion which seemingly doesn’t matter to monthly sales. I know my limits.

So even though things have been changing there are changes that I have been enjoying. I like the diversity. I was not in favor of Miles Morales replacing Peter Parker, but I love that they can now co-exist. I like Sam Wilson as Captain America because America can be represented by a man like Sam as well as a man like Steve. I like the rise of the female super heroes, I just wish I liked the art. I like that there doesn’t need to be only one spider powered hero or one gamma powered hero. I like mixing mutants and inhumans and enhanced humans onto the same team and seeing how they compliment and challenge each other. There’s a lot to like.


But I think a person’s commitment to comics depends partly on momentum and that momentum has possibly been lost, at least for me. This summer our Marvel heroes and versions of them have been having adventures on Battleworld and I could not invest myself in it. It’s been boring and anti-climatic and sometimes it was cruel. Except for the main book Secret Wars, the side books have been extremely disappointing to me because I can’t invest in something that will be gone in 4 or 5 issues. Why bother?

For example, there is no sign that Peter Parker, on again wife Mary Jane and their daughter Anna will be seen again. So why did we get shown them at all? What a cruel fucking tease, right? Now we get the Peter Parker we had before, but fabulously wealthy and successful and seemingly dumber than ever. He’s a caricature of the Peter Parker I grew up with who was idealistic but not an idiot. I think he must not have survived SpOck’s possession 100% with all his mental faculties. This isn’t even the Peter Parker from Big Time or Spider-Island. Who really believes being paid poorly and buying suits off the rack is a statement of solidarity? My suits are off the rack and they look great. Dan Slott has been here too long I think.


What has become of Steve Rogers? He once refused to take orders from politicians and lost his shield to Superpatriot over principle but now he’s enforcing SHIELD policy against Sam Wilson’s Cap? That’s not the Steve Rogers I know even if he lost his serum. How’d he get so grumpy? And why is he sometimes using a cane and sometimes built nearly as sturdy as he was before he lost the serum? What is an editor’s job at Marvel?

I was excited for the new Avenger’s books but having read a few number 1’s I’m not sure anymore. Nothing grabbed me. Marvel seems to be ready to set these hero teams against each other because they don’t seem to know how to write supervillain teams anymore. Am I the only one done with Civil Wars?


How many times is Peter Quill going to be on Kitty’s bad side for an innocent misunderstanding? Groan. what is it with Marvel writers and repetition?

Maybe it’s too early to judge, but $4.00 +tax a comic adds up quickly. I need to know it will be worth buying. I need to know the enjoyment will far outweigh the disappointment. There are other things to spend money on and frankly why do I have to pay the same price as the printed comics when I buy strictly downloaded comics? Rhetorical question, I’ve read the explanations.


So, I’m seriously considering waiting the 6 months it takes for Marvel Unlimited to catch up because I just don’t feel like I’m getting enjoyment value for my investment anymore. $69 a year I can hardly quibble about. But a month? I expect a lot more than I’ve seen.

I wonder if it’s just me. I suspect it’s just me. Most contributors here on the O-Deck seem to be having a great time. Or maybe some of you are just turning a frown upside down?

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